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Is HyperSites for you?
Before you get started, it's important to see if you're a good fit for HyperSites™.
Are you a designer? Or do you work at an agency?
If you design Web sites then this tool is for you. Whether you're a freelance creative designer or you work for an agency or small to medium sized business, HyperSites™ can be just the magic bullet you've been looking for. Our tools are completely free, so give us a whirl. Check out our great Advantages.
Do you own a business?
If you own a business, or you're responsible for your company's Web site, HyperSites™ can give you the flexibility and control you've been looking for. Although the tools are easy to use, your time is valuable. Let us put you in touch with an experienced developer that can save you time by unleashing the power of HyperSites™ for your business.
Is the site for personal use? Are you a hobbyist?
If you're a consumer and looking to develop a basic Web site for fun, then HyperSites™ probably isn't for you. Without a knowledge of Photoshop or basic Web development skills, there are other options better suited for your needs. Try one of these alternatives: Squarespace, Snap Pages, or Homestead.
Do you write code, and love to tinker with markup?
If you like the intricacies of coding, this platform is not right for you. While we fully support embedded Javascript, DHTML and more; we do not provide code level access to the rendering engine. If you want to maintain programming control over the HTML layer then this tool is not for you.
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