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HyperSites™ Starting Points
Our Starting Points are the magic bullet. They give you the competitive edge by taking most of the work out of creating a site. These are fully functional sites just begging for a new skin.
Why was the click you just made worth your time?
Finally... a serious browser-based Web site builder with pixel-precise control and tons of power, minus the geekiness usually required to get it. And to make things easier, it's all hosted and managed on our servers.

Get in on the secret our Starting Points customers already know. HyperSites has a unique set of features that has proven to accelerate site development time and drastically reduce costs. With Starting Points we can't call it an ROI, because there is no cost to get started.

More than a template, more than a few widgets, a Starting Point is a complete, fully-functioning dynamic Web site ready for you to customize with your content. Save time, use a Starting Point for your next project.

And to sweeten the pot, if you get certified on our platform we may even send you some clients! It's a win-win.
starting point
Simple One
This basic Starting Point has five pages, a contact form, and a clean layout. Skill level recommended: Beginner
Store One
Store One
This E-Commerce site has a number of standard features that will make a great foundation for your design. Skill level recommended: Advanced
Blog Two
Who doesn't need a blog? Blog Two is a great place to start building. Skill level recommended: Intermediate
Store Two
Store Two provides a total E-Commerce solution, including coupons, Paypal integration, users and groups, and lots more! Skill level recommended: Intermediate
This Starting Point is intended for the HyperSites Designer that starts every project by deleting everything. Skill level recommended: Beginner
Super Simple
This is a one page site designed to give you a pleasant first experience with the tools. It can grow to much more! Skill level recommended: Beginner
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