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About HyperSites™
We've been around for nearly a decade, and we've learned a lot during that time. We'd love to share that experience with you.
Who We Are
HyperSites International, LLC, is a privately held company with offices in Las Vegas, NV., Boulder, CO. and Dallas, TX. We also have a network of certified builders in many other cities across the country that are available to work on your projects.

Leveraging experiences gained since 1993, the pre-pioneering days of the Internet, the company was formed with a vision of making it easier to build great websites. Founded on the principles of user-centered design and rapid application development, the company understands web technology to the core and has a rich history of providing cutting edge Internet solutions.
What We Do
HyperSites™, the flagship platform, was originally created in 2000 as a self-manageable, custom Web site development application. Since then, HyperSites™ Builder has gone through several major releases and is offered as a single, web-based application. The core engine is one of the most stable and innovative browser-based applications in the industry. HyperSites™ adoption of the SaaS model (Software as a Service) was well ahead of its time.

Today, HyperSites™ is a rich and robust browser-based web development and support environment. The platform is used in a wide variety of applications from simple brochure sites to complex data driven websites and custom web-based information systems.
How We Work
With Starting Points, we provide web designers with a rich set of features and pre-built Starting Points - brochure-level and e-commerce style websites to fast-track the first few projects. The Starting Points platform, online tutorials, online support, and our reference manual are all FREE of course. One on one phone support is available in 10-hour blocks for $900.
Why HyperSites™?
Our software provides a better solution in record time. We would also say that it's cheaper, but the marketing guys have told us that you can't have all three (faster, better, cheaper), so we picked the first two. And as you've probably experienced, your brother inlaw with his copy of Microsoft FrontPage can build your site for $500; or your advertising agency can charge you $1.5 million. Either end of the spectrum is wrong.

With HyperSites™ your risks are reduced, you get a better solution, and you have the speed and flexibility to quickly adapt to market changes. What's not to like?
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