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How much does HyperSites™ cost?
We now offer a simple tiered pricing model designed to provide the lowest possible price on an advanced SaaS web development platform
Free to develop, free to publish.
You'll be billed based on the type of site you have and the server resources that your site consumes on a monthly basis. Personal and micro business sites that use a minimal amount of server resources (typically 500 page views or less) are absolutely free. And if you chose a free Starting Point, you'll have all of the power of the HyperSites™ Builder tools, at no cost.
Personal Site License (500 page views or less)
Micro Business Site License (500 page views or less)
Small Business Site License (single domain/site)
Small Business Site License (up to five domains/sites)
Medium Business Site License (single domain/site)
Medium Business Site License (up to five domains/sites)
Enterprise Site License (single domain/site)
Enterprise Site License (up to five domains/sites)
Dedicated Enterprise Environment (up to five dedicated servers)
Premier Pricing
For additional information contact inside sales at 866-468-1518, or see the Contact Us page to send an email.
Starting Points
Choosing the right Starting Point gives you a huge head start on your project, providing built-in functionality and structure and saving you an enormous amount of time and effort. The one-time Starting Point cost is in addition to the monthly fees above. Starting Point prices range from $0–$7500, based on functionality, complexity, and included supporting documents (Photoshop files, FreeHand files, site maps, etc.).

See the Starting Points page for individual pricing and functionality information.
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